PADDY (Bergerac SPA ref. 466) – Male Bruno de Jura

“Eh hem! Yes, I am over here​! A very polite, calm and gentle male hound, 8 years of age but still eager to enjoy life with my new owner. We could enjoy peaceful country walks, I am easy when on a lead, and am not perturbed by cats or small children and I enjoy the company of other dogs (I am not castrated though). I would love some quality time with lots of cuddles and I will behave myself impeccably. Life at the SPA is a bit hectic at the moment and I am finding it all a bit confusing, so if you feel you want a lovely-natured companion to keep you company, who will be responsive to training, I would love for you to come and see me to have a chat… soon?”

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If you’d like to meet Paddy please contact SPA volunteer, Sue Rees, on