PUPS – Born July 2017 – 2 boys & 1 girl – Lab X Collie




All the pups are growing up well and are settled and enjoying exploring the wider world.  Very intelligent, inquisitive, active and responsive. They are also affectionate, gentle and love human company. Not house trained when they arrived, but learning quickly!  They answer to their names and are quick to come to call. All pups are a lovely mix of their gentle labrador mum, but also have the quick intelligence and loyalty of the border collie dad. They will make excellent family pets, but an enclosed garden is essential.  Also, they will need an active life style and a family who is prepared to include them in their activities.

They respond well to training and are very keen to please. They have excellent potential to perform well to obedience training and later, agility classes.

They are confident amongst our own dogs and quickly learning how to interact in a bigger group.

MAX (RESERVED) – Max is the bigger pup of the three and is the most relaxed of the group. He adores his play and romping with his siblings, but he loves to sit at your feet to watch and listen to you. He is obviously highly intelligent, but is also calm and gentle. He is super little boy, full of character, fun and love. He has the sweetest ears which reflect his sweet and happy nature. 

TOMMY – Tommy is similar to his brother in many respects but is slightly smaller. He too loves human company and his cuddles, but he also adores to be part of a pack and the rough and tumble of a game. He is always happy and is developing his confidence quickly. 

LIZZIE (RESERVED) – Lizzie is the only girl of the group and is as sweet as they come! The smallest pup of the group but she joins in with everything her brothers do. She is probably the most affectionate and adores to snuggle up to you.  Lizzie is very pretty with delicate features and lots of white on her chest and four white socks. She can be shy at first, but not for long and is very confident with the larger group. Also very intelligent and quick to learn, she has it all!

The pups are tick and worm treated and have had their first vaccination. They will be chipped before adoption and are being fostered in Dept 47 Laparade.

If you would like to meet them please contact Suzanne on 05 53 84 83 43 or on skydreamer.333@gmail.com