PIXIE female kitten approx d.o.b. 01/08/17

Pixie, a delightful ginger miss, was found wandering all on her own. An elderly couple found her in their garden and cared for her, but couldn’t keep her. Pixie is incredibly friendly and amazingly fearless. She gets on well with everybody in our house, dog, cats, children and grown ups. She will have no problems fitting in. She enjoys play fighting with any animal around and will cuddle up to the nearest body be it animal or human. 


If you’d like to meet her, or would just like more details, contact foster carer, 
tel: 05 53 89 59 35 / 07 81 27 86 51 Email: Jennatphoenix@gmail.com
Dept. 47 Savignac de Duras