Phoenix Active Membership Application

Thanks to the commitment of all our members, the Association is able to continue to achieve its objectives.

We hope you will join us and make your pledge to PROTECT, RESCUE AND CARE FOR ANIMALS IN DISTRESS OR AT RISK.

As an active Member, you will effectively participate in the activities of the Association and regularly contribute to the objectives set within our statutes.


  • Respect and protect all animals, both wild and domestic.
  • Assist and heal, physically and psychologically, suffering and unloved animals.
  • Promote the sterilisation of pets and advocate the systematic sterilisation of all animals for adoption from shelters.
  • Alert public opinion to the appalling conditions of abandoned animals and encourage their adoption.
  • Promote the respect of animals as living beings
  • Support the application of all existing laws.

Active Members will receive the Association’s quarterly newsletter YAP, invitations to events and the right to attend and cast vote at the Association’s General Meetings. Most of all, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping Phoenix achieve its objectives.

 To join the Association

  • Your application must be approved by the Conseil d’Administration.
  • Each member undertakes to comply with the Association’s Statutes.

 The Statutes are produced in PDF format and can be viewed, printed or downloaded by clicking on the links below

Click here Association Phoenix Statutes English

Click here Association Phoenix Statutes French

The PDF Active Membership Application form can be downloaded and printed by clicking on the link below

Click here Active Membership Application

Active Membership is 20€ for a 12 month period

Payment options

Euro Cheque payable to ‘Association Phoenix

Please download, print and complete the Active Membership Application form and return it with your cheque to

Christine Endres, Phoenix Membership Secretary, Les Bourboux, 24150 Lanquais.

Should your membership be refused your cheque will be returned.

Credit / Debit Cards and PayPal:

Please download, print and complete the Active Membership Application form and return it as an attachment by emailing: or post it to the address above.

Once your Active Membership has been approved you will receive an invoice from Association Phoenix, please follow the instructions to make your payment.

Thank you for your Association Phoenix Active Membership Application