Monthly Giving

Monthly Giving is an easy way for you to provide continual financial support to the work that Phoenix does in rescuing and re-homing animals in need.

In 2015, Phoenix’s veterinary bills alone were 70,630.00 €, these account for just over half of our annual outgoings. Other bills include those for feed, transport, heating, insurance and administration. None of the Phoenix team receives a salary. Rescuing animals is a very expensive affair, and so we are entirely dependant on fundraising and donations to keep us going and we are grateful for every euro donated.

Giving from just €3.00 every month will really add up to help enable us to maintain our efforts, so vital if we are to continue to find permanent homes for the abused, neglected and abandoned animals taken into Phoenix care.

How to begin monthly giving: Complete the form below and submit your details. You will be taken to a new page where you can choose to donate a monthly amount using your credit or debit card or PayPal account balance. If you would prefer to pay your monthly amount by bank standing order, you will find details of how to do so on the next page, once you’ve submitted your details.

Monthly Giving