What to do if you have lost a dog…

1. Do a complete tour of the neighbourhood, asking if anyone has seen the dog. Take a recent photo with you if you have one.
2. If your dog has some identification, a tattoo or Microchip, notify I-CAD – see www.i-cad.fr and check that all your contact details are up to date.
3. Check on the website www.chien-perdu.org to see if anyone has found the dog. You can also place the missing dog’s details on this site.
4. Contact the local SPAs and send them photos, description and contact details. Check their website for a lost/found section. Go and have a look to be sure!
5. Inform all the local neighbours, vets, Mairie, postman/woman and gendarmes.
6. Put up posters in your local area and in cafés, bars, vets, shops etc.
7. If the dog is injured it may be hiding out, so check all possible hiding places. Keep calling and keep checking the neighbour-hood, rattling biscuit boxes or using any other means that the dog is used to, to get his attention.
8. Do an internet search for online groups and forums local to you and post adverts for your lost pet including the date and location your pet went missing, photos, reward offered (if any) and as much detail as you can. Here are some links that that may be useful to start you off:


Doglinks maybe able to help you, by posting your advert.
Hope Association may be be able to help you, by posting your advert.
Angloinfo register/sign in, post your ad in the Classified section.
The Dronne Valley Network circulates information and advertises locally.
French Entrée register/sign in, post your advert in Free Classified ads.
Complete France register/sign in, click community forum.
Group47 register/sign in, post your advert in the Animals Seeking Good Homes.
Survive France Network register/sign in, create a new Forum topic.
Chien Perdu French site that covers all of France
Filapat French site for lost and found dogs.

Facebook Groups (If you’re not already a Facebook user you will need to create an account):

Pet Alert France dedicated to finding lost pets. This group is regionalised, so search for and post on your own region’s group.
Pets Etc local to Poitou-Charentes.
Aquitaine Animals local to Aquitaine.
Paws France covers all of France.
Hobos in France Animal Re-homing.
Survive France discussion group.
French Focus Friends discussion group.


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