We have collated some advice & guidance below to help you re-home your Equine.

If you would, in the first instance, like to contact a Phoenix Equine Adviser on equine.adopt.rehome@gmail.com, they will be able to let you know of anyone that has contacted Phoenix who is looking for an equine.

Please follow Steps 1 to 5 below:

CREATE HONEST APPEALING TEXT about your equine, and ensure to include the following details:

a) Age, height, breed, gender, state of health.
b) Registration document as lodged with the IFCE (Institut Francais du Cheval et Equitation).
c) Information regarding vaccinations, hygiene, health check, hoof care.
d) Does your equine have any issues people should know about? Best to be honest in order to ensure his or her next home is permanent.
e) Can your equine be ridden? Can he/she be lead on a halter? What is his/her education level?
f) How does he/she get on with other horses?
g) Include the reason for re-homing. Potential adopters may be suspicious if no reason is given.
h) What kind of home are you looking for?
i) Include any positives and any amusing anecdotes.
j) Price, if you are selling your equine.
k) Don’t forget to include your contact details – Name, telephone number, email, postal code, viewing and transport arrangements.

TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS… good photos are essential.

Produce at least two good photos. Including a close up of his/her head; a full body standing. As animals are often difficult to photograph, do ask someone to help.

PLACE ADVERTS…. you should now be ready to contact some of the following links:

Facebook Groups

If you’re not a Facebook user, it’s well worth creating an account. There are groups that you can join where members support one another. We have listed some within our region Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

Eymet Guide Petites Annonces

Horses South West France

Pony and Horse Products For Sale and Wanted

Pets etc for sale/wanted/free around the Poitou-Charentes

Gers English speaking community

LAARF Adoptez-moi

Pets etc. local to Poitou-Charentes

Aquitaine Animals

Paws France

Survive France

French Focus Friends


Hope Association may be able to help you, by posting your advert

Angloinfo register/sign in, post your ad in the Classified section.

The Dronne Valley Network circulates information and advertises locally.

French Entrée register/sign in, post your advert in Free Classified ads.

Complete France register/sign in, click community forum.

Group47 register/sign in, post your advert in the Animals Seeking Good Homes.

Survive France Network register/sign in, create a new Forum topic.

Please note, websites and groups come and go – please take the initiative and search for other sites and groups.


Using your text and photos create colourful posters and display them in your local areas.


Once you have found a new owner for your horse, you and the purchaser are required by French law to register the change of ownership with the IFCE (Institut Francais du Cheval et de L’Equitation).  Details of the procedure are available on their website  http://www.ifce.fr/

Finally, we wish you success in the re-homing of your pet.

Please do remember to update or remove your adverts once your animal is re-homed.