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I can live with any age child

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I can live with cats


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Living with dogs

I don’t like dogs very much, they scare me.


Baci is near Duras (47)

Baci – it means kisses in Italian

Baci was found in a garden in a small hamlet near Ste Foy La Grande.  She was trembling with pain and fear, her left eye was a mushy mess of puss and she desperately needed help. Baci must have had a guardian angel with her that day to lead her to that particular garden. Two human guardian angels picked her up and took her into their home. Quickly they took her to a vet who told them that if she had come moments later she wouldn’t have survived.

Baci had to have her eye removed, there was no alternative, it was so bad. It was touch and go for a few days but she was cared for, lovingly and tenderly by the couple who had discovered her.

Reluctantly, the couple had to hand her over to Phoenix as they don’t live in France and their work entails travelling a great deal. They are heartbroken as. they had fallen in love with her. All they want for this darling girl is a safe loving home.  They want what is right for her. Could you be that family?

Baci is now in foster care with me, Jenny, and eventually she will become acquainted with my other foster kittens and my own two cats and dog. She is loving and friendly and will make someone a perfect companion.

Baci is a beautiful little cat. Her fur is long and silky. Her missing eye is not so noticeable as she has a black patch of fur where it once was.

Baci is chipped, vaccinated and has been sterilised. You are welcome to pay us  visit and see her in person.

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