Alexandra Donoughue recently got in touch with us to share news of her Phoenix boy’s life…

“Hi, I thought I would get in touch to share how Bob, previously named Floyd, is getting on.

I adopted Bob from Phoenix back in October 2010, he is now 8 years old and what an amazing time I’ve had with him so far.

In 2013 I moved back to the UK and of course Bob the dog came with me and my horse, Mac. Since this time we have explored Northumberland thoroughly with Bob being a bit of photographer/videographer himself, with his GoPro strapped to his back!

Bob is the best dog I could ever have wished for! When I was looking for a dog I had a few boxes to tick – medium size, would play fetch, and be able to come along when riding my horse. All these boxes he has ticked and he is loved by all. 

I can’t thank Phoenix enough for saving my little guy from being euthanised, he has brought so much happiness and memories to my little family.

Thank you.

Thank you so much Alexandra for giving Bob a wonderful life and the love that he deserves.