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24 St Sauveur de Bergerac

This is what Casper’s foster mum says about this lovely boy…

The focus of fostering Casper was to help him heal from the difficulties he’d had in his past. We knew it would be a long, slow process, but we’re so proud of what he has achieved thus far.

Casper came to us from the local SPA, having spent a few months there hiding in the back of his kennel. As a volunteer dog walker there, this dog’s plight affected me deeply. A very timid but sweet-natured Brittany Spaniel, whose first 6 years of life as a “chien de chasse” could not have been easy or enjoyable. He never showed any signs of aggression, but the fear in his eyes and the shivering body told the real story.

Casper lacked self-confidence and was scared of just about everything; loud noises, sudden movements, but most of all, people. He would freeze and start shaking if anyone came too close or try to touch him. He was totally unaccustomed to being touched or receiving affection.

… many, many months later. What a difference time and patience, love and kindness, a place to call home and a sense of belonging, have made to this Spaniel. This magical transformation could not have been achieved without the support of our own two dogs. They have taught little Casper how to be animated again. They have helped him regain his self-confidence and have shown him how much fun life can be with humans. He now loves the cuddles and affection being given, still on his own terms of course, but willingly accepted.  Although Casper is still wary of strangers, he will not run and hide as he used to do. It has taken a long time for this boy to allow people into his world, and to accept the human hand close-up, but his trust in humans has grown ten-fold. He has learnt to relax completely and has found his voice.

He walks well enough on a lead and harness and gets very excited and vocal when he realises a walk is eminent. Casper eventually earned his “freedom bells” and the right to off-lead runs in the woods and fields. He absolutely loves this freedom. Running with the other dogs, ears flapping in the wind and bells jingling. For Casper, hanging out with the other dogs is pure bliss. He will always just want to be one of the pack, closely following his favourite mate. This little doggie has grabbed life with four paws.

Despite his years, there’s a pup in him still. He jumps up and down in anticipation of a ball being thrown for him… to chase after, pick up and keep to himself, like a trophy. When it’s meal time, he dances around in excitement and then sits and waits for his bowl to be put down. He has a healthy appetite and loves his treats.

We are looking for a special family to adopt Casper; a family with at least one dog, but the more the merrier. He’s a sensitive dog with a soft temperament, and so still needs patience and gentleness. Allow him to set the pace, and his self-confidence and trust in you will grow, as will the bond. Some things in life just can’t be hurried.

If you think Casper could be a perfect fit for your family unit, and you want to offer him that lucky chance with your furry loved ones, please don’t hesitate to contact his foster mum. We can’t change a dog’s past, but we can certainly help to rewrite his future. In the end, only kindness matters.

Casper has been neutered, vaccinated and is up to date on his tick, flea and worm treatments. Casper has a passport too.”

If you have any questions or would like to meet Casper please contact Eli (contact details above).

An adoption contribution, in line with vet bills and other expenses incurred, will be asked for.

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