Phoenix Cats for Adoption

We have no fixed tariff for adoption, but a financial contribution to cover the costs incurred in preparing an animal for adoption is usually expected. Where appropriate, the animal will be tattooed or microchipped, vaccinated and sterilised.

Animals adopted from one of the SPAs, with our help, are subject to the SPA’s current tariffs.

If your Phoenix Rescue is not yet neutered then you will be expected to accept responsibility to neuter your adopted animal at the earliest date in agreement with your vet. Should neutering be unadvisable due to medical reasons than other means of contraception must be used.

Where do I go?
Reservations and delivery are generally not possible. You should expect to visit the dog/cat in its foster home and prior to this, be prepared to answer questions (by phone, email or during a home-visit) about your circumstances, such as whether you have a fenced garden, other animals, young children and whether you’re at home most of the time etc.

These questions are not intended to be intrusive. We are just anxious to avoid a mis-match – as are you! Our foster carer system ensures a well-assessed ‘fosterling’ and we pride ourselves on a very high rate of adoption success.

How much do I pay?
We have no fixed tariffs. If you decide to adopt, the foster carer will tell you how much in vet costs has been spent on preparing the animal for adoption, such as microchip, vaccinations, passport and sterilisation. We ask you to try to cover these costs in your adoption contribution and you will be asked to leave this, by cheque or cash, at the time of adoption – not at a later date. You will complete and sign two re-homing forms – one for you and one for us. You will then leave with your new friend, their vaccination book/Passport and in the case of a dog, a collar. If you’re adopting a dog, we strongly advise you to come with a dog-tag, engraved with your phone number, and ready to attach to the collar.

When do I become the legal owner?
The I-CAD microchip chip document of ownership will be transferred to the new owner 28 days after the adoption date or before, at the request of the new owner.

What if the adoption doesn’t work out?
If the adoption of any animal fails within 28 days, he/she can be returned on the condition that suitable foster space is available. If you wish, the adoption contribution will be reimbursed in full.

After the period of 28 days, Phoenix will have no obligation to take the animal back, nor to return the adoption contribution. We will, however, try our best to find foster space, or failing this, suggest internet forums and sites where you can advertise the animal for re-homing. In certain cases we may offer to re-advertise, or run an appeal for the animal.

Successful Adoptions

Cat Adoptions in Progress