For those of you that were at our September Book Fair you may remember seeing Rambo wearing a bright yellow and red SPA coat ‘adoptez moi ! ‘. Well, his wish came true; Phoenix members, Lorraine and Julia, fell in love with him, offered him a home and renamed him CHESTER.
Quick update from Lorraine – Chester is very affectionate, he is responding to his training and has calmed down quite a bit. Our Vet believes he’s 90+% Korthals Griffon (a bit different to Cocker Spaniel Lab Retriever cross on his SPA papers). This means he’s probable going to be a big dog when fully grown, so we need to be firm! His lead training is going well and is already walking at my side.

Here is what the boy, himself has to say.

Hello, I am Chester and was lucky enough to be spotted by 2 old ladies at the Phoenix Book Fair.
I now have a brother, Cal 4 and sister Lili 12, also found at Phoenix some years ago. At 6 months old they have allocated me 3rd place in the pack but we all get along together and I can outrun both. The other friend I have found is a cat called Pickles, she seems to be the household boss and initially put me in my place when I tried to play with her. However it seems we are friends now and she licks my nose. 

The old ladies have a lovely big garden with a hill and I have lovely chases with Cal. Lili, however just looks on or goes off to the neighbours where she tells me you can get biscuits. This is a problem for me because the ladies do not like me going over! In the afternoons they take us all for a run in the woods. It is great fun.

I was a bit worried at first as they took me off in the car on my own for an operation andI had to wear a hood but now all okay. I think I have found a good place. 
I have seen some interesting quacking birds behind a fence near the house but the ladies say, no! when I want to go in to play. There is another fence too and If I press my nose to it I can see a patch of water and surrounding trees. The sounds I hear are interesting, but I am not allowed through there.
Bye for now