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Here is what Shirley, Cissi’s foster Mum, has to say about her…

“Cissi was brought to France from a refuge in Sicily, she was born to a mother who lived on the streets and sadly she was the only puppy to survive. Her mother disappeared so she has spent virtually all her life in a refuge. Despite this she is a happy, gentle and loving dog.

Cissi is an intelligent dog who is learning fast about life in the wide world, she has never had a mother to correct her so she needs to learn her place in a new environment which she is doing very quickly as our two schnauzers soon put her in her place when she becomes too much. She has become used to normal every day things like the vacuum cleaner, but has made us laugh at times especially when she first saw the TV, her reaction was quite amazing as she could not understand that everything was not in the room and ran around looking for the people and dogs who had suddenly appeared, it was probably not a good idea to watch a program about dog rescue!

Cissi is house trained, sleeps all night in a crate, walks well on a lead and her recall is improving. She plays quite happily with toys and find cows and horses in fields fascinating but just stands and looks. She is only about 7 months old and will still chew things given the chance and needs to be watched as any puppy her age would need to be. She loves going for a walk and being in the garden, so a fenced garden is required. Cissi needs somebody to give her the time she needs, she loves other dogs and is friendly to everyone.”

Cissy weighs about 23kgs, has been sterilised and is in the process of being vaccinated. She has been treated for worms and ticks.

If you would like to know more about Cissi please get in touch with Shirley (contact details above)

An adoption contribution, in line with vet bills and other expenses incurred, will be asked for.

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