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Jackie Briggs
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24 Bergerac

Cosette – 6 year-old Griffon girl

“Coucou! Yes you!

I thought I would tell you a bit about myself in the hope that I might be just the dog you are looking for.

I am 6 years old, but I don’t look it do I? And sometimes I don’t act my age either! I have been known to be a bit playful, and forget my manners and my training (actually, I can’t remember if I have had any), but I am very eager to please and very quick to learn. I adore people, and male dogs (I’m afraid I don’t like the company of other females though), and I am curious about cats.

Now that I have just been sterilised I am sure that I will have a calmer approach to life, and perhaps other female dogs. I really wouldn’t be any trouble at all if I can find someone who is prepared to put a little effort into my training. Although I get on well with my current kennel mates, I would dearly love to be in a proper home. I am keeping my paws crossed that it could be with you…..”

Cosette was abandoned because her owner had to go into hospital. She is chipped, vaccinated and sterilised and if you think you could give her the loving home she deserves,

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