Claire and Richard Fewster tell the story of their beloved Dawson, previously known as Orso…

“Twelve years ago, while living in France, we decided to look for a rescue dog. Having in mind a white and black fluffy collie dog, I ventured two hours south-east towards the home of Tiffany who had assured me that she had (in her words) a ‘zen buddha’ dog who tolerated cats such as ours, a Siamese with an attitude to match!

Through the snow and ice I drove, determined not to be swayed by brown eyes and a sad look on its face! After all, my husband had told me NOT to bring back any old shaggy hound! Upon arrival, Tiffany invited me into her house, whereupon I was met with an enormous furry family of kittens under which she assured me there was a dog.

The dog eventually appeared, brown, brindle and skinny. Nothing like the dog I had envisioned I looked and thought to myself, dear oh dear, this is not what I had imagined. Tiffany must have read my thoughts as she plied me with many cups of tea and small talk for an hour or so before this mutt approached me and looked me in the eyes while resting his head on my lap. That, of course, is when the love affair began… His name was Orso, meaning little bear or as Tiffany explained “ALSO’ to the English. Therefore she had renamed him Dawson. He was welcomed into my little Renault Megane and I drove home to introduce him to my husband who immediately called him Doorstop! Correcting him, we began our new life together.

Dawson became a punching bag for our Siamese cat who playfully dictated who was the boss! A more relaxed and kind dog could never be found. After three years, we decided to return home to Australia, meaning paperwork and more. Several thousand Euros later, our beloved hound arrived on the East coast of Australia. After four weeks in quarantine and one half hour visit, he was introduced to the ocean and white sandy beaches. Included in his repertoire of new experiences was the sight of a kangaroo!

Dawson has since had many brothers and sisters. He has outlived them all, be they feline or canine. He has been a source of pure joy and delight. An easier going and placid dog we have never been fortunate enough to own. As he moves into his twilight years, we look forward to experiencing more happiness and making his life easier and more enjoyable than he would have had if he had been left unadopted or in foster care. Tiffany has remained in touch with us and has been thrilled to hear of his adventures down under. Phoenix Rescue has asked us to tell his story in the hope that others may continue to support their worthy cause.

Thank you to Tiffany and Phoenix Association!”

Thank YOU Clair and Richard :-)