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24 Bergerac

Are you able to look into those liquid pools he has for eyes and resist him?

Yet Djago is still waiting for his new home after several months at the SPA. He is living with a foster family as he is unable to stay on his own so life at the refuge was impossible for him. He is now ready to find his new home with a family who are at home a lot of the time as he doesn’t enjoy his own company at all and will be mischievous.

Djago is only 5 years old so loves playing, adores all human contact, is great with children, travels well in the car and enjoys being out and about. He has a basic education which will need to be continued.

His current foster family has a small female dog who he gets on well with but is less friendly with males. Cats are not advised.

If your family loves giving and receiving cuddles and you are at home to keep him company or can take him out with you, then he’s hoping you are reading this and about to become his new family.

Djago has been castrated, vaccinated, chipped and treated for ticks, fleas and worms.

If you have any questions, please contact Sue (details above).

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