At Phoenix, our Foster Carers are at the heart of what we do. We believe that nurturing our animals in a normal home environment is much better for their well-being than living in a kennel. Sadly, some of our animals have only ever known loneliness and confinement prior to coming to Phoenix, and it’s rewarding to watch them flourish with love, care and good food. Fostering the animal in our homes allows us to identify any training needs, and it also enables us to assess how well the animal interacts with people of all ages and other family pets. We believe this is what leads to our high adoption success rate.

Our foster homes are mostly located in the Dordogne, although there are also some in the surrounding areas too.

Phoenix is always on the look-out for more foster homes for dogs and cats, even if it’s just for one or two animals. The more homes we have, the more animals we can save, so please keep reading if you’d like to find out more…..

Our Foster Carers all love what they do. Even though it’s a voluntary role and can be hard work, the rewards are amazing.

Fostering just one or two animals makes an enormous difference to the quality of their lives and greatly increases their opportunity to find a loving, forever home.

Think you might like to foster?

Here are a few of your questions answered.


  • For dogs, ideally to live within one and a half hours of Vergt, Dordogne.
  • A fully-fenced, secure garden (for dogs)
  • To be around most of the time. Obviously there will be holidays and emergencies (not too many of the latter, we hope!), but the principle is that you look after the animal until it is re-homed. This could take a week, or several months. A year is rare, but it can happen.
  • To be willing to take the animal to one of the Phoenix vets for sterilisation, vaccination etc. (all costs are covered by Phoenix)
  • To be able to assess not only the animal, but also potential adopters. The adoption is likely to take place at your home, so you will have to welcome people, fill in forms and quote the proposed adoption contribution (we give you guidelines), which you return to us with the re-homing form by mail.
  • Be prepared to take your ‘fosterling’ back if the adoption doesn’t work out.
  • To have plenty of love, understanding and infinite patience in your dealings with both animals AND people!


  • Your expenses paid. We provide you with claims forms, to be returned monthly, and you can claim for animal-related food, travel, pharmacy, care items, phone, heating and damage to property or possessions. Vet bills are paid directly to the veterinary practice by Phoenix.
  • Your fencing repaired/renewed, if necessary. Funding can sometimes be found for the construction of pens and runs for cats, or the conversion of existing outbuildings.
  • The satisfaction of saving lives. But be prepared! – it’s hard when your foster friend leaves for his or her new life, especially if they have been with you for months. You’ll need a stiff upper-lip!

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