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I can live with any age child

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I can live with cats


November 2011



Living with dogs

I can live with dogs


24 Vergt

Nine year old Jackson’s owner has gone into a retirement home, leaving him alone, so he was kindly taken in by Phoenix foster carer, Murielle.

He’s a big dog, weighing in at 47 kg, but that just means that there’s more to love, because this big guy is totally lovable and loving! He’s gentle with everything – small children, other dogs, cats, pigeons, chickens – and hasn’t an ounce of aggression in him.

He’s not too keen on the car, but he’s clean and not destructive so can be left at home without a problem, though a fenced garden would be necessary.

So saying, he’s feeling a little shaky at the moment, having lost his mistress, so for a while it would be best if there was someone around for most of the time.

Jackson would suit an active retired couple and would adore the grandkids! He’s fit and healthy and loves going for walks.

If you think you could offer Jackson a home, please contact Murielle on 06 43 45 17 21 or If you struggle with French, you can contact Sheelagh (contact details above) and she will happily act as intermediary.

An adoption contribution, in line with vet bills and other expenses incurred, will be asked for.

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