Wulf and Adeline adopted Jessy through Phoenix this summer and they would like to share their success story…

“We adopted Jessy on the 4th of July (Independence Day in the USA). We had just started our own business and it was early in the season, so I had some time on my hands. So, for a while, I was a volunteer in the SPA in Bergerac as a cat snuggler.

This came in handy when in September 2016 I found 5 small kittens dropped on the road in the middle of the night. My contact at the SPA helped me get in touch with Sophie from Phoenix and she helped me to find a vet to check the kittens over and to find 3 forever homes for the little fur balls. Of course, I wanted to keep them all, but we had to settle on keeping two (beautiful boys). From then on I followed Phoenix on Facebook and at the end of June this year I saw a picture of this cute smallish Labrador, Jessy.

We already had a medium-sized dog but we thought it would be nice to get a friend for him. Our business was getting more busy and during the day we had less and less time to play with him. We work at home, but still couldn’t give him as much attention as we wanted to.

Our dog, Pitou, who we adopted when he was 1 year old, is very picky when it comes to friends… he ignores the girls and likes to be dominant and loves to play rough (not too rough). We made a phone call to the foster parents to find out if somebody had already called or emailed about Jessy – but no one had. We asked if we could come to have a look and we said that the decision was in the paws of Pitou… he had the final say in the adoption.

We arrived on the 4th of July and Shirley and Dan, Jessy’s Foster Parents, had 2 lovely dogs themselves, with Jessy standing on the other side of the gate. As soon as Pitou went through the gate, he and Jessy ran off to play. When one of the (female) dogs was a little bit nasty to Pitou, Jessy stood between them to make peace. My partner and I looked at each other and thought ‘this is a match made in heaven’. An hour later, we had signed the papers and were on our way home with 2 dogs in the car.

And now, 2 months later, Pitou and Jessy are brothers in crime. They play all day in the garden and are best buddies.

Jessy knows the routine of the day and is especially aware when the food is about to be served. He knows that then, after dinner, we always go on a walk and he has copied the behaviour of Pitou in asking us with the cutest eyes possible; ‘ is it walky-walky time yet?’.

We were told that Jessy was in the SPA at 9 months old (we found the photo of him at the SPA on Facebook too). After that he was adopted but didn’t have much freedom in his life. We were told that he lived in a small apartment for 4 years and there was not much love or any time for walks. The first week he peed and walked at the same time.

He is the king of breaking out through windows (ground floor) and knows how to open doors. He is, like Labradors are, food obsessed and the first week I found him multiple times ON the table ready to eat the breakfast that had been prepared for our guests. He has a taste for milk too. So if anybody leaves open milk, or has coffee with milk or tea with milk on the table, he will drink it. So we warn our guests (we have a B&B) that he is a “Pirate de Fromage”. He will steal your food. He is cheeky, smart and he also knows how to break into a room, eat stored food and then sneak out without anybody knowing he was ever there.

One day he broke out of the garden (we have 10 acres with 3 acres fenced in… so enough space you would think) and tried to get back in via the kitchen window. We did not even know he was gone! 2 weeks later we hear that all our neighbours in the little hamlet had already met Jessy and that he just walked in their houses to say hello and ask for food. He is so friendly!

He is a quick learner too and knows many commands in English already. He was raised in French. Smart dog.

When guests say goodbye it is not only the scenery they will miss, they also miss Jessy because he makes people feel at home just by lying with them and keeping them company.

But the best thing about having Jessy in the house is that Pitou and him have formed such a great bond. They sleep together and use each other as a pillow. A social thing that Pitou would never do with any other dog. They play and they run all day. Finally the garden is being used to its full potential and he keeps the strangers away with his newly acquired/copied skill of barking.

We think Jessy might of been a bit lonely and confined at times. And with all his monkey tricks his owners got fed up with him. Here he walks in and out (easy when he can open the back door by himself)  and has so much attention from his new brother, us and the guests and he absolutely loves it. We remember his face the first day and it was not happy. Now he randomly wags his tail when he is resting on the floor. He loves his rough and tumble, his new toys he got for his birthday but especially the space and snuggles.

We hope we have given him heaven.

Thank you Phoenix for getting him out of the SPA and a big thanks to Dan and Shirley that took care of him in Foster.”

Thank YOU Wulf, Adeline and Pitou… it really does sound like you have given Jessy his heaven :-)