Anthony Chipperfield writes to us about Lucie.

Around a year and a half ago my wife Jess spotted Lucie needing a forever home in an advert from phoenix.

We loved the look of her and arranged to drive nearly 3 hours from our french home to Lucie’s foster home with Shirley.

Shirley explained that Lucie was the most traumatized little dog she had ever come across and for the whole time we were there Lucie stayed behind the sofa.

Lucie had been abandoned on a main road and was petrified of people and had every reason to feel this way after being so badly treated.

We carried her to our van to meet socks our other rescue dog from Spain and the healing process started.

In the early days I had to tie a piece of rope to my trousers and attach it to Lucie’s collar so everywhere I went she had to go, she just wouldn’t come on her own accord, six weeks or so later Lucie followed me everywhere!!

We then had to build up the trust with my wife and daughter, Bonnie which didn’t take long as Lucie was slowly feeling safe and loved as she so deserved.

Periodically we have had to take her out of her comfort zone so she can grow in confidence and this week Lucie was at a charity dog show!!!

This is a miracle really and I feel emotional just typing this.

Well over 100 people, crowded, busy, noisy, strangers and everything Lucie had feared in the past.

Our darling girl won best rescue!!

My wife and I and little Bonnie are so proud of her, she’s amazing.

The words from the judge were

” This darling shy girl wins 100% the best rescue dog of the show,

Well done Lucie you are beautiful”

Of course we cried.

Best wishes to all at phoenix, without you we wouldn’t have lucie and this wonderful story to tell.

Antony , Jess , boo and of course socks and Lucie xxx

Thank you for this amazing story. Lots of love from Phoenix.