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Max is in St Cassien 24540.






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I can live with older children

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Living with dogs

Max would prefer to live with other dogs


St Cassien 24540.

Meet Max. He is an extremely handsome boy as you can see in the photos. Although he is now 2 1/2 years old, he is still very much a puppy in his head and his energy levels are high. He loves to play and needs lots of exercise to expend his energy so he is looking for an active family who has a secure, fenced garden where he can run about and investigate and would really enjoy the company of another dog. His education is coming along but will need to be continued so someone experienced with training would be good for him, he is intelligent and a quick learner and very treat orientated!!. Max is a tall boy who weighs 27 kgs, so small children would not be advised as he is still boisterous, no aggression at all quite the opposite, he is really friendly but he moves quickly and is a strong dog. He will be a very loyal and trusting member of your family.

Come the evening though, all he wants to do is find his sofa and relax! He travels well in the car so long journeys are not a problem and he is happy to be left at home for short periods of time.. He is an absolutely charming chap as you’ll find out for yourself when you come to visit him ….

Max has an up to date passport, is chipped, neutered, and treated for ticks,/fleas and worms.

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