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Mobile: 06 86 92 93 17

Meg is near Duras (47)



Colourpoint Birman



Living with children

I can live with any age child

Living with cats

I may be able to live with a male cat


estimated dob 16/05/18


Adult cat

Living with dogs

I have no experience with dogs.


Duras (47)

Meg is a rescue girl, found with her babies in a barn. She is a Colourpoint Birman with beautiful markings and is thought to be around 2 + years.  When Meg was found she was in a terrible state having been fending for herself and her kittens in rural springtime France.

Meg would like to be queen of her own domain please. She needs, and deserves to be the top female in her forever home that gets all the fuss and attention. For this you will win her heart and she will reward you with her loyalty, cuddles and companionship.

Meg has been sterilised, vaccinated, wormed and flea and tick treated.

Meg has experience with chickens but not, as far as we know, with dogs.   I am afraid exclusively indoor apartment life is not for her. On the plus side, if you have a house and garden, but are away during the day, she is used to amusing herself.

Meg is in Duras 47, not too far from Bergerac.

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