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Here is what Milly’s foster carer, Madeleine, has to say about Milly…

“Milly has a stronger character than her sister Molly.  She is bossy and wants to be first. She is bold and curious and tries to explore everything.  This does mean that she chews as part of her investigations. We supply her with tree sticks from the garden and she enjoys a game of tug with these.  She plays and plays. Then falls fast asleep. She sleeps through the night without fuss.

From when she was tiny Milly went about exploring.  She fell off the garden steps, into the mill stream and down the compost heap, got stuck in the dustbin and under the sofa but she always came back smiling.  She is brave and determined.

Milly barks at walkers passing with their dogs but if they will stop and talk to her she is delighted and shows what a friendly little girl she is. I have to watch as all the Oos and Ahh’s make me nervous Milly will be dog knapped!

If you hope for a dog that is intelligent, receptive to training, responds well to household members, is physically active and mentally alert, Milly is your girl.  Her Malinois mother, her father is unknown, has a super character and the family who adopted Mandy, her sister, are completely happy with their choice of race. Do not let thoughts of Belgian police dogs deter you from choosing Milly as your companion for adventures”.

Milly will be chipped, vaccinated and treated for fleas, ticks and worms on adoption.

If you’d like to meet Milly or have any questions please contact Madeleine (details above).

An adoption contribution, in line with vet bills and other expenses incurred, will be asked for.

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