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Molly is an English Cocker Spaniel and has been estimated to be about 7 years old by a vet. She was found straying and was looked after for a week by a couple who became very fond of her, but unfortunately couldn’t keep her. She’s obviously been well-loved and has even been previously sterilised, so it was a great shame that she wasn’t identified and that all attempts to find her owner failed.

Molly is an easy-going and loving dog, who is very friendly with everyone. She’s not at all a shy girl! She loves cuddles and warm places and doesn’t like to stay outside when it’s cold and wet.

In the house, Molly is clean and calm. She is happy with her own company and can be left alone, even at night, without barking or whining.
She adores her walks, though she is somewhat overweight and can only manage an hour at the moment. She will need her weight reducing and her exercise increasing gradually.She tends to pull on the lead at first, but she’s very easy to handle and extremely quick to learn!

Molly would need a fenced garden, as, left to her own devices, we suspect she would wander, especially as she has obviously quite recently been either lost or abandoned.

Cats are not in her good books, but she’s fine with other dogs. An older dog, who didn’t want to play too much, would be good company for her, but she also wouldn’t mind being an only dog.

Like all Cockers, Molly’s coat needs regular grooming, but apart from that, a cosy corner and lots of TLC are required, her needs are few…

Molly has been sterilised, chipped, vaccinated and treated for fleas, ticks and worms.

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