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Silver grey tabby



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dob 16/05/19



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Meet Molly! Molly is one of a pair of almost identical twin girls. She is two-tone light grey. She has colourpoint markings so she has darker grey ears, a dark grey indistinctly ringed tail, a dark facial mask with a thin dark ‘M’ on her forehead and front legs with uneven dark rings. She is in essence a silver-grey tabby with distinction!  Her temporary foster dad called her and her sister Madison “Posh totty!” She has beautiful pale sky blue eyes that can melt your heart. Molly is slightly shyer than her sister and a bit more of an independent potterer. She is not as interested in what her humans are up to and prefers mooching around and exploring. She is usually the last kitten to come in for cuddles or come in at bedtime. Madison and Monty tend to arrive for food, cuddles or bed together and then Molly realises she is alone and materialises afterwards or when called. Although shy and a bit disconnected, she loves a good scrap with sister Madison, sometimes cuddles up with brother Monty and has started visiting her human to check in for a cuddle.  She and the others love playing chase and hide and seek in the garden and romp together in the evening. They are all good hunters and enjoy being let outside early morning and at dusk to chase little critters! Molly has the softest fur and is just so sweet, but boy can she hunt! All the kittens have experience with chickens, in a good way, though so far not yet with dogs … All the kittens are indoor/outdoor cats so I am afraid exclusively indoor apartment life is not for them. On the plus side, if you have a house and garden, but are away during the day, they are used to amusing themselves and will welcome you home with open paws, especially if you bring home a little treat for them!

The kittens can be viewed in Savignac de Duras 47120 and are available for adoption now. They were born around 16 May 2019. They are flea and tick treated and wormed.  They have been vaccinated and microchipped. 😉 We are seeking a forever home for Molly, ideally with one of her siblings.


The 3 kittens were found by an English family in their barn in Soumensac in June when the kittens were tiny. Mummy Meg’s survival instincts kicked in and she charmed the family into feeding her and putting blankets into a quiet, safe, corner of the barn for her and the kittens until the family returned to the UK. From Soumensac the feline family, still only small young things, then went into a nice large garden shed in Baleyssagues for 10 days with lovely temporary foster carers until finally coming to rest in Savignac-de-Duras with Phoenix fosterer Ann. Meg is a colourpoint Birman cat with beautiful markings and all her kittens inherited her good looks in their own ways.

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