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Here is what Molly’s foster carer, Madeleine, has to say about Molly…

“Molly is the sweetest little pup.  Not so little now that she has learned to ‘sit’ for her food bowl to be put down.  We used to have lots of jumping and food bowls that sometimes ended upside down on the floor.  Molly did not care, food tasted just as good!

She is fully fit after a slow start as she came to our foster home as a result of her mother having so many puppies there was not enough milk to feed them.  Maybe that is why Molly loves her food so much. She eats everything, meat, dog biscuits, fish and vegetables. One of her favourites is a raw carrot to crunch.

Molly has the same sweet character as her mother who is a friendly, gentle girl although being a Malinois (Belgian Shepherd), she barks to tell her family when a person approaches the house.  Molly does not bark at people coming to our house but welcomes them and their dogs with squeaks, smiles and a madly wagging tail. Molly is at the best age for creating a strong bond with a person prepared to give her the attention and affection she craves.

Molly is half Malinois so will need training and will benefit from a regular routine and she will love that.  She is receptive to all attention and seeks praise. Her favourite time is when she is allowed on the sofa with us and my own dogs for cuddles before bed.”

Molly will be chipped, vaccinated and treated for fleas, ticks and worms on adoption.

If you’d like to meet Molly or have any questions please contact Madeleine (details above).

An adoption contribution, in line with vet bills and other expenses incurred, will be asked for.

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