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This is what Noogi’s foster mum says about this gorgeous boy…

“Noogi is a fun-loving, playful pup at heart, and whatever love you give to him, returns in triple measure. Taking Noogi into foster care was one of only two options left for this young dog. He seemed to have had very little positive exposure to people, and was afraid of noises, objects and the normal world around him. We knew it wasn’t going to be a quick or easy process for this frightened dog to regain self-confidence and learn to trust people again.

Young Noogi did not have a great start in life. At 8 months old, he found himself in the local SPA. He was very distressed, and it seems that prior to this he had had a traumatic few months fending for himself, probably being shooed away wherever he went. When he arrived at the SPA, he was a sad, skinny, very timid and insecure puppy, who was terrified of everything and everyone. He lacked self-confidence, and was lacking in human socialisation too. He didn’t cope well with kennel life, and the 5 months spent there, were extremely stressful for this dog. He has never shown any signs of aggression but his fear manifested itself in his barking at everything. Phoenix was his only lifeline…

Noogi has youth on his side, and since being in foster care, has blossomed with the help of our own dogs. Human kindness and love, patience and encouragement, and lots of affection, have shown Noogi that people are not all bad. He is a funny-faced, energetic pup who loves life. No more barking unnecessarily.

Noogi thrives in the company of other dogs. He loves to play, and is always ready for tug-of-war and a good runabout, chasing and being chased. He certainly is making up for his lost puppyhood. He is very respectful of the other dogs’ rules and space, and shows no dominance at all. He will turn away and back off if the other dogs give him a dressing down.

Trusting humans immediately is still difficult for him, but he has made great progress and has bonded well with his foster mum. Getting down to his eye level is the best way to make friends. It’s less threatening and he responds well. He really loves physical contact.

Noogi is certainly capable of forming strong bonds with people, given time. Once that bond is in place, he’ll be a loyal, doting companion forever. He will give you his undivided attention and loves to please. He still gets spooked by unfamiliar objects and sounds, but he has adapted very well to his new environment.

Walking on a lead isn’t Noogi’s forté, because of his fear of being restrained, but he doesn’t mind too much when he’s wearing the harness. Now that he has a sense of belonging, he has shown that he can be trusted to stay with the other dogs, and is allowed to run off-lead in the field wearing his “freedom bells” jingling all the way. One of his favourite activities is playing ball with his foster mum.  He has a good eye, and is very good at ball catching and retrieving.

Noogi has such a happy demeanour, and his constantly wagging tail is testament to this. He is learning to relax more, coming and going into the house without fear, and has settled very easily into the doggie lifestyle in his foster home. He is an intelligent boy and has learnt quite a few commands. He goes to his bed when told, and comes running when called. He sits for treats and his food bowl, and has no food aggression issues. Everything he has learnt about his new world thus far, he has learnt from watching and copying the other dogs.

Learning to trust new people will be an ongoing process. Noogi will require gentle handling with lots of encouragement, love and tenderness. It will take patience, understanding and endless amounts of affection in the beginning while he gets used to his new humans, but then this dog will give you his heart. He will greet you with excitement and bouncy energy every morning… Noogi’s inner happiness shines on the outside.

Noogi needs to go to a special family where there is at least one other confident dog. He needs a doggie friend for reassurance, companionship and play, and for teaching more life skills. Most importantly is that the other dog shows him how to interact with that human family. Although he is getting all this positive reinforcement in his foster home, he is ready and can just as easily be learning all this with his forever family.

Noogi will add joy, comedy and that special something to any family. He has come a long way since his kennel days, and I have every confidence in this young, smart dog. He is all good, from nose tip to tail end.

Would YOU like to help him unpack for good?  Can you offer Noogi a stable and loving home, and a family to call his own? Could you be THE ONE?”

Noogi has been neutered, chipped, vaccinated, and is up to date with his tick/flea and worm treatments. Noogi has a passport too.

If you have any questions or would like to meet Noogi please contact Eli (contact details above).

An adoption contribution, in line with vet bills and other expenses incurred, will be asked for.

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