Julie Bishop

Phone: 05 55 50 40 39


Black and white


Living with children

I can live with any age child

Living with cats

I can live with cats


DOB. 19/05/20

SIZE Kitten
Living with dogs

Untested with dogs


Oradour-sur Vayres (24)

The sisters were found tied in a plastic bag and dumped in a bin. You wouldn’t think their start to life was so horrible when you see them enjoying life now. The two sisters, Norma and Hilda, are now chipped, first vaccinated and wormed. Norma is bold and friendly. First to come for a cuddle, purrs loudly. Beautiful and sleek, she loves to explore.  Hilda, a bit more shy than her sister, but watches carefully to see what Norma is up to and quick to follow. Silky smooth, she is a delight to watch playing football. Hilda has a black nose, the only way to tell them apart. They need to stay together if possible.

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