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Coux (24)

OSCAR the Orphan
What a delightful little boy Oscar is! Such a sweet nature so, after a truly rotten start in life he bears no grudges and wishes to play and be friends with every animal and person he meets.

I met Oscar when Sheelagh called me to the Bergerac SPA that were dealing with dogs removed from an animal hoarder. 32 dogs of all ages were crowded into two small rooms without medication or proper nourishment. We looked at a scrap of skin and bone flopped onto the kennel floor and wondered, could he be saved? Oh! Yes, he could! Oscar has a stout heart and great determination. He ate tiny, special meals five times each day and just as a plant given water after a drought, he filled out and blossomed.

He went from crawling to walking to scooting after our other dogs, determined never to be left behind in a garden chase. He now runs very well indeed, climbs our tall staircase, jumps onto the sofa and beds, tail wagging all the time.

Oscar is down to three meals per day and has new muscles and his coat is growing in at last. He has begun to play with balls and chew toys and enjoy a puppyhood that was denied him before. The only thing that worries him is a loud noise. He is very afraid of the vacuum cleaner, hairdryer, washing machine etc. We are working on that. We have not yet walked him outside our property so he does need lead training. He has travelled in the car several times without a fuss and is fully housetrained.

Oscar needs a special home that will appreciate the troubles he has overcome and will help him grow into the splendid dog he will be. He loves and deserves to be loved back. I am going to be very sorry to say goodbye to the little chap.

Oscar has been microchipped, vaccinated, sterilised and treated against all parasites.

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