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24 Coux

Here is what Pepsi’s foster Mum Madeleine says about Pepsi…

“Pepsi is a joyful dog. A delightful and happy puppy. Pepsi was found dumped along with his nine other siblings on some land near Bergerac. He weighed less than he should have but it is very hard for a mother to feed that many youngsters when she only has six teats! Bergerac SPA were doing their best for him. They got rid of the internal parasites and castrated him but he was nervous, feeling very small in his concrete box whilst all around other older dogs barked and howled. Taken out of the kennel, Pepsi tried to crawl up my legs, tail going like a metronome, grinning and squeaking. Of course he came home with us. He travelled well in the car, only a tiny bit of sick, but no crying.

Pepsi sleeps in a cage in our kitchen and goes to bed without fuss and does not mess in the house. He is rather boisterous for our dogs so they are helping us to teach him calmer behaviour. ‘Sit’ he knows well (for food!) ‘Down’, ‘No’ and ‘Stay’ are not yet perfect but they will be. He is intelligent and just loves people. Pepsi wishes to please and is upset if he sees you are cross with him. This means that he will learn what you want him to do. Nobody had taught him to play but he now chases his throw toys with glee.

Pepsi can live with other dogs but so much wants to have all the attention from the humans, that you will need to help him understand he must share and take his turn. We are working on that with our dogs. This is a full on, lively, cheery chap who desperately wants a place where he belongs and people he can look after. Come and visit Pepsi. He will love to meet you!”

Pepsi is neutered, chipped, vaccinated and treated for fleas, ticks and worms.

If you’d like to meet Pepsi or have any questions please contact Madeleine (details above).

An adoption contribution, in line with vet bills and other expenses incurred, will be asked for.

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