Petit Jack – thought to be 19, slipped over the Rainbow Bridge 14th January 2019.

Here is his story.

How many people have heard of ‘Petit Jack?’ Those who follow his Phoenix foster-mum’s fb page or who have met him will certainly feel that they ‘know him.’

What a unique character this tiny dog has been and I feel a small laser-strength light has been extinguished. I have yet to tell our wonderful Lola, herself a 14 year-old Phoenix rescue dog who has added so much to our lives, that one of her great pals has died.

I don’t feel I’m being fanciful. I’ve met humans who radiate a special essence which enriches those around them. They are often people who have faced adversity with resilience but later when given love and security, have felt so brimming full of the love of life that it has been infectious. Anyone who met Petit Jack, particularly in the presence of his foster parents, felt this joy emanating from him. Admittedly some people could only look at him and see a disabled, strange looking creature and either regarded him with pity or occasionally with repulsion. That was their loss. What Jackie and Andy, his ‘forever friends’ and many visitors saw, was a courageous soul determined to enjoy the freedom, love and constant care of his final home, until his last breath. Good bye and thank you Petit Jack.

I have known Jackie and Andy for a number of years and regard them as true friends. Their contribution to the care, protection and rehoming of dogs on behalf of Phoenix is an incredible one. To be a fosterer for the association is no small matter, but there are those with the spirit of a Petit Jack, who will accept the limitations on their own lives and gladly increase their skills in the care of animals and build good relationships with a veterinary practice and with those seeking to rehome an animal. My tribute therefore is not only to the estimated 19 years of life of Petit Jack, but also to his truly inspirational fosterers.

Phoenix, not only do you demonstrate the importance of the necessity to care for our fellow creatures, you also allow a certain magic to happen. Thank you.

Maggie Dench (member)

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