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24 Bergerac

Sam really needs to find his new home sooner rather than later. He has recently arrived at the SPA following his owner having to go into care. Both were visibly upset at the parting…

Sam has always lived in the house and been a constant and close companion to his owner so he will need his new family to be very present.

Despite his 9 1/2 years he is still a sturdy, fun loving dog who wants walks, cuddles and company. He gets on well with other dogs, and has been sharing a kennel with two other very gentle souls, one being Liroy (also on the Phoenix website). However he will chase chickens given the opportunity. He didn’t seem interested in the resident SPA cat when in the office with her, but hasn’t been exposed to her outside, so may chase.

Sam needs comfort and love from his new family. He’d love to meet you if you feel you can help him.

Given his age he is don libre, so no adoption fee. Sam has been castrated, vaccinated, chipped and treated for ticks, fleas and worms.

If you have any questions, please contact Sue (details above).

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