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Snowball is in Lauzun



White with shades of black.



Living with children

I can live with any age child

Living with cats

I can live with cats


dob. estimated 26/05/19



Living with dogs



Lauzun (47)

Snowball and Plunket are gorgeous little sisters and were born in an old ruin in Queysaguet in late May. They were picked up and taken for health checks, de-worming and flea treatment in mid-September and they should be sterilised at he beginning of November. They have been living in foster care for 3 weeks now and they have become very well adapted to being cared for by people. They are perfect with their litter box and are very good at cleaning and grooming themselves. Snowball is slightly smaller and takes the lead in everything. She is quite fearless and introduces herself to new people quite quickly, while Plunket likes to size things up and watch how things go for Snowball before diving in herself.
They are both very pretty kittens and both love to play and run around together as well as being very loving and affectionate. We would LOVE for them to be adopted together as they can keep each other company and play together when their human family runs out of energy.

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