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Jesse was taken to the SPA and abandoned by his master. Phoenix were told that Jesse had spent all his life in an apartment, never taken out or given any love or care, in fact we realised he did not even know his name.

Despite all this Jesse is a very gentle and loving dog and has taken to his new life with his Foster Family with their two dogs with vigour and has quickly settled down. He is quite small for a Labrador cross and only weighs about 17.5 kgs.

He learns very quickly and now knows sit, no and can high five! His recall is improving now that he knows his name, but sometimes smells are more important. Walking on a lead needs some work but he does not really pull.

Jesse is clean indoors, sleeps through the night in a crate and travels well in the car.

Jesse’s training needs to be continued but like most Labradors he will do most things for a treat, as he loves his food. He is a very laid back dog, who is content laying beside you and having the freedom of being outside. Walks and being in the garden he really enjoys, so a fenced garden would be good.

When Jesse was introduced to a cat at the SPA he was not interested, he has probably never experienced children but he is so gentle we think there would be no problems.

Jesse will make a wonderful dog for his adopters and be a very loyal companion.

Jesse has been neutered, vaccinated and treated for fleas, ticks and worm.

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