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Here is what Tilly’s foster carer, Yvonne, has to say about her…

“Let me introduce you to this young lady Tilly. A little dog with a big heart. Found abandoned, it took her a little while to adjust to how life should have been.

Although in Foster care a long time this in no way was Tilly’s fault, her foster carer unfortunately was in an accident, in saying that she would have needed extra time in care anyway due to some of the injuries noticed at the time of collection. Easy to say!!! but this wee morsel has had a hard life and it wasn’t always good!

She is the sweetest girl ever but like all small dog’s she sometimes thinks of herself as more in the stature of a Rottweiler! A brilliant watch dog who will make herself known to the stranger should they come to the door, which can be funny if they haven’t seen the size of her first.

When she first arrived she was terrified of everything and refused most foods but she has adapted wonderfully. She will now eat most things but her love is meat (any type), she is not fussy about that. She also understands what treats are but she is a hider of them, this is not a problem if she is going to be an only dog but with her doggie sisters here it can cause many a row.

She has learned how to play and now will play with her toys on her own but also loves her sister’s too. She isn’t dominant but what I would call an excitable girl so during play, she for want of better words, she can get rather over the top.

Tilly would enjoy you to herself as she just loves her human, whether it be belly rubs or the kissy game (she was scared of a kiss so it was made into a game, her carer can explain more on this including information about her past!), but she also loves the company of other dogs. Her carer has said probably no to cats although she has been untested with them, but it is a definite NO if you have any birds as Tilly has a kill instinct probably due to being on her own and having to find her own food once upon a time.”

This little lady needs a very special family as you will have noticed that she is not sterilized and can never be. This will be explained in detail by her foster carer.

Tilly is chipped and is up to date with her vaccinations, passport, flea and tick treatments.

If you have any questions please contact Yvonne (details above)

An adoption contribution, in line with vet bills and other expenses incurred, will be asked for.

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